Major thanks to PouchDB!

Feb 21, 2014 at 2:42 AM
So I have been experimenting with using PouchDB as our couch client for our web based interfaces for Thali. I even have a chrome extension/chrome native host that (sorta, not ready for production) makes this work. See here.

But I had a problem. To make this work I had to hijack xmlhttprequest for the entire browser window! This meant that other frameworks that needed xhr had to send their requests through me. This sucked both because it exposed bugs (I only implemented the parts of xhr that pouch needed) and the perf sucked.

But today I had an awesome chat with the PouchDB folks and they kindly agreed to add an option argument to their constructor that lets me specify the xhr instance to use!!!! This is perfect for our needs! Now I will only need to implement the parts pouch needs and I will only be called on requests that need Thali.

Very cool!