Quota/DOS Management


This is a parent issue hiding many children. This issue is around building an infrastructure to manage quotas and handle DOS attacks. The two are put together because their infrastructure is the same.

Quotas control everything from how much space/networking a particular application can have to how to harvest space (e.g. delete data) when more space is needed. For example, if a user wants to download one of their own files from another machine and they are low on space then the system should automatically delete say a 10 month old cached copy of someone else's blog stored in the TDH.

Similarly if someone tries to upload to the user 10Gb of pictures or send them 10,000 emails or open 1000 connections to their phone this has to be handled and stopped.

This also involves fun issues like - can I delete something on device A if I know there is a copy on device B and C? Well what if they make the same decision at the same time? Or are certain devices 'devices of record' (e.g. have massive storage) and just 'never' delete automatically without a user approving it and other devices are 'devices of convenience' (e.g. phones) where things can be deleted at will so long as we know there is a copy somewhere else?

And while the goal here is to handle space/qos management without talking to the user in extreme cases we will have to and we need a UX for that.
Closed Sep 9, 2014 at 8:43 PM by yarong