Ad-Hoc Networking Discovery Support


We need a way for TDHs on the same local network to discover each other for ad-hoc networking scenarios.

I"m thinking of using either SSDP or mDNS to announce a location which would be a couch document containing JSON that would contain information describing the endpoint. Just getting the server's key will tell you who you are working with. This then allows for listing who claims to be around and in the case that the key is already provisioned allowing for binding addresses to identities.

There is no UX around this. Rather this is a service offered by the TDH to apps who want to know who is around. It's up to the app to decide how to display with the data. The TDH would also own updating address book entries as appropriate with address information.
Closed Sep 9, 2014 at 8:44 PM by yarong