PPNet with pictures

Jul 14, 2014 at 9:11 PM
As shown in this screenshot -- http://jonudell.net/images/thali-ppnet-with-picture.jpg -- it looks as though, with the new setup, pictures will work as expected in a Thalified version of PPNet. The app posts the photo as an attachment to PouchDB, and PouchDB syncs to the TDH. When I inspect the TDH, the attachment looks like it got there OK.

We are not getting sync back from the TDH to another PPNet client's PouchDB but when we sort that out I think photos will just. A photo posted by client A's PPNet (and assuming A is the nominated hub) will take this path:
  • posted as attachment in A's local Pouch
  • synced to attachment in A's TDH
  • synced from A's TDH to B's local Pouch
At which point B's PPnet will call PouchDB.getAttachment and receive a blob as expected.

Since the blob will not contain binary data, but rather base64-encoded text (PPNet uses the readAsDataURL method on an uploaded file), we should separately test with pure binary data. But first things first, need to find out why the TDH is not syncing back to PouchDB.
Jul 14, 2014 at 11:24 PM
Still this is a step in the right direction! Once we get PPNET on the new framework we can hopefully find out why it's not replicating all the way across.