Chrome and Thali

Feb 24, 2014 at 8:54 PM
TLDR - We have pre-alpha code that lets you talk to Thali from inside of Chrome.

Here is the code. Jon should be posting instructions to the wiki at some point in the not to distant future on how to set it up.

Like everything else with Thali at the moment this is pre-alpha level code and we are just using it to get going writing Thali apps using PouchDB as the client.
Mar 18, 2014 at 4:17 AM
I just committed to master an update on the Chrome code and the PouchDB code. Check out Production\Utilities\DotNetUtilities\DotNetUtilities\ChromeExtension\test.js for an example of how the new code works. The big change is that you now need to call provisioning APIs before calling the PouchDB apis. The reason for this is to get us closer to the final behavior where the PouchDB object handles 'real' httpkey URLs (unlike the previous fake ones with 0.0 keys).

The two provisioning methods (which will eventually go away) are ProvisionClientToHub (which provisions PouchDB to its local Thali Device Hub) and ProvisionHubToHub which provisions one Thali Device Hub to another. The first function returns the fully qualified httpkeyurl for the local thali device hub and the second one returns the URL for the remote Thali Device Hub.

So for those playing with this code (hi Jon!!!) now is a good time to synch the master branch and start playing!